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MCH2021 is a fully volunteer driven event. The entire crew consists of people who work incredibly hard, with the satisfaction of organizing a fantastic event as the only reward. We need a lot of people, and specifically, we need you!

If you're reading this, hopefully that means that you're interested in joining the crew.

How to join the crew

If you want to join a specific team, you can just talk to the people who are already in the team. For many teams, there will be a listed email address. Just send a mail, it doesn't have to be a very long one, something like "Hi, I'd like to join this team; how can I help?" is enough. Please note that some teams might already be fully staffed, and are not looking for more volunteers.

Some teams haven't really started yet, and as such their team page is pretty empty. Don't let that stop you, because these are the teams that need your help the most. If there's no team email address, that means we're looking for someone to "bootstrap" the team into existence. The list of vacancies is a good starting point for those who want to take the lead in getting a team up and running.

If you want to join the crew, and don't know which team would suit you, then you can talk to someone from Team:Volunteers and they can help you with that. Or you can join our general orga meetings or any of the IRC channels and ask around. Another option is to look at the Roles page to see which of the responsibilities you find attractive, and then figure out which team does that role.

General communication channels

If you want to say hi and meet us, there are many opportunities:

The wiki itself (that is, the website you're looking at) is also used for communication. Signing up for teams and meetings is done on the wiki, and sometimes there's discussion about the contents of pages. Please create an account to unlock the page editing feature.

Team-specific communication channels

Go to the Teams page, and then the team specific page, to find out where the team members reside.

How many pieces?

The MCH2021 organization is huge and has numerous moving pieces. It's hard to describe everything in detail, especially because we always fail to come up with good definitions. We're constantly figuring things out and we often find that clear boundaries are impossible in a chaotic organization like ours. When you talk to different people, they'll probably have a different idea of how it works. And they're probably both right, because there are so many valid perspectives. But we can come up with some basic explanations that should give some insight into the "structure" of the organization.

There are two kinds of volunteers, and both are vitally important:

visitors who, at the event, sign up to do shifts. This can be anything from bar tending to driving a luggage shuttle golf cart, helping with preparing the volunteer food, etcetera. Generally, these tasks are prepared by the orga and come with instructions, so you can just start doing them when you arrive on the job. You can even decide to become an angel at the event itself.
the term "orga" has become really broad, and now includes anyone who is involved with the preparations of the event. If you join the crew long before the event starts, then you're orga.

Within the orga, some people maintain direct contact with Team:Projectleiding. These so-called "first line contacts", or "team leads", are responsible for a team's budget and decision making. Every team does one or multiple roles. A role is a collection of responsibilities. This allows us to think of the organization in a more abstract manner.

How we work

Teams are very autonomous, and it's up to the team to decide how they organize themselves. Because of that, different teams may have very different ways of reaching decisions.

There's another page that goes into this subject in more detail: way of working.

What we have to offer

Volunteering for MCH2021 is an unpaid job. Because of the way our event is designed, we're counting on everyone to help out, and that's why we can have affordable tickets instead of expensive corporate entrance fees. This does indeed mean that crew members still have to buy a ticket to be part of the event. (If you can't afford a ticket, there are options for that, but that's not related to whether you're a volunteer.) All volunteers are part of the crew because they want to be part of this organization, not for any financial gains.

We do our best to take care of our fellow crew members. When joining the orga community, or when signing up for angel shifts, you become very important to us, and we want you to feel welcome. We have a crew area where you can hang out and get some rest. Good food is served exclusively for crew members, including angels who get food vouchers for doing a certain amount of shifts. And of course we'll also hand out physical tokens of appreciation, such as crew t-shirts.

For orga, there are orga meetings and field days, where we shape the details of the upcoming event. These meetings are equal parts hard work and socializing/networking/partying.

Other forms of participation

Being part of the crew is great, but there are more different ways to participate! Villages are sub events organized by visitors themselves. Just to be clear: when we talk about crew and orga, we're talking about main event, not the village crews. If you want to learn more about the villages and how they organize themselves, have a look at their respective pages.

Wiki gardening

Are you good with wikis? We always need help structuring the information, correcting spelling and grammar, and making things look nicer with appropriate images and such. If you want to help out with these things, please create an account and edit away :)

For example, this page has a lot of text and no images. It's amazing you made it this far!