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This page is part of the organization of MCH2021. Feel free to look around and please note that information on pages such as the Main Page or Q&A is kept more up to date.

MCH2021 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help preparing the event, please join the orga by participating in a team. At the event, please participate as an angel.

Want to help?

MCH2021 is a "Do it Yourself" kind of event, matching the hacker spirit.

Current vacancies for MCH2021

These are teams in need of team leads and team members. If you want to join / kickstart such a team, make sure Team:Projectleiding is notified (via the PL contact at that team, or if all else fails User:Stitch)

Role / Team Description
  • Provide garbage disposal facilities for crew and visitors
  • Minimize the amount of inconvenience caused by trash
  • Have garbage collected for disposal
  • Provide instructions on how to deal with (specific kinds of) garbage
  • Provide garbage bags for visitors (through entrance and info-desk)
  • Handle communication with garbage disposal company
  • Collect bottles from all around the campsite
  • Sort bottles in crates
  • Dispose of alien bottles (not sold at bar) properly
  • Search for event food trucks (maybe contact also with the previous ones)
  • Contact and ask for offers
  • Together with map/terrain, plan their locations
  • Together with finance/treasury make sure everything is up and running
  • Estimate the numbers of toilets and showers necessary
  • Determine locations for sanitation facilities
  • Find out plumbing requirements
  • Keep the facilities usable (e.g. clean) during the event (you hire people, no volunteers)
  • Provide functional lighting so visitors can see where they’re going
  • Ensure that sufficient lighting along emergency routes keeps working in case of power outages, including in tents that need it according to rules and regulations
Team:Safe Harbour
  • Coding: For building the open source BenHiero
  • HAM-licensed expert: For building the open source BenHiero
  • Activity guidance (during event): Helps organising and creating the activities in the harbour
  • Ferry Masters (during event): Is able to support the ferry
  • Harbour Master (during event): responsible for overall functioning during event, makes weather predection, risk management calculations
  • Water rescuer (during event): responsible for rescuing people when needed
  • Help villages (self-organized sub-events and/or people camping together) establish their presence
  • Write instructions for villages on how and where to send special requests (e.g. Power, NOC, On-Site), and how to integrate their village with the main event
  • Coordinate/plan which village goes where
  • Seek out villages with incomplete or vague wiki pages and encourage them to add more concrete information
  • Check that villages adhere to imposed restrictions
  • Publish village locations on the map once this stabilizes
  • Preempt possible nuisance issues (e.g. loud music) and communicate and design accordingly
  • Be infodesk-like, but for village specific needs.
Team:Village rentals
  • Provide tents, chairs, and tables for villages.
  • Set prices and arrange pre-sales via the ticket shop
  • Have a physical place where people can pick up and return the goods they have ordered
  • Supervise that people only take what they paid for.
  • Ask On-Site to deliver large orders directly to villages
  • Determine the layout for the visitor and crew parking lots
  • Validate parking tickets
  • Micro-manage people who are parking their cars, to optimize usage of the available space
  • Provide optimized arrival and departure flows
  • Provide temporary parking space (“K+R”) for people who are dropped off by friends, family, or taxi.

Todo: automated vacancies

This is a list of vacancies for the MCH2021 organization. We're still in the process of gathering all Team Vacancies and adding them here, so the overview is not complete yet!