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We are working on the visual identity of the camp, together with students of the Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam.
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  • Not clear if this should be a team or a project. In case this should be a project, this page will be substituted by the project page.
  • Contacted Willem de Kooning. They want to make a project ( meaning: there will be a teacher and students to work on this. The process is as follow:
    • We offer / present the project to the students. This is a short text and a presentation about what is needed. (text underneath)
    • The students need to inscribe themselves to the project.


  • Presentation for the students with what is needed and a timeline. (There is also a presentation lesson I am giving at the WDKA)

Presentation to the students:

MCH2021 (May Contain Hackers) is a five-day international outdoor technology and security conference in the Netherlands from the 7th till the 11th of August 2021 when 5000 hackers, free-thinkers, philosophers, activists, geeks, scientists, artists, makers, creative minds, and others will convene from all over the world to contemplate, reflect, share, discuss, criticise, look ahead, code, build, and more in an beautifull camping terrain with a small harbour in Zeewolde, 55km east of Amsterdam.

We need bold, wild, intelligent, critical and witty designs to promote, communicate, care and entertain.

We need the designer team to be able to let our identity surface as a whole, like a body with articulated limbs. This means the concept needs to allow for people to make their own assemblage.

The designer/team has all the freedom to do as wild/bold/critical and amazing as much as the team wants. What is important is that objects/gadgets/ tools, etc, have a meaning in our (hacker)culture.


  1. promotion of the event. We think of identity (logo), UI for our website + the other integrated software, presentation templates for talks, light board for the stage, etc
  2. T-Shirts are essential, they are part of the hacker culture. (clothing and festival merchandise, entree armband, etc )
  3. Communication assets ( think, for instance, on announcements, bulletins, flyers, stickers)

It is to the designer how far he/she want to go as details of the various products we need.

What do we offer:

We can provide presentations, documentation and immersive experience in the hackerspaces life. We will be open and responsive for all questions/ help/ discussions, and other forms of communication to help on the whole trajectory.


  • The designer/design team group will propose a concept. Our culture and values will be represented in the designs.
  • The designer/design team group is free to decide on the assets that will be used.
  • The designer/design team group has to conform to security and regulations.
  • The deadline for submissions is ...

When we need it:

More information about the camp:

MCH2021 is the 9th edition of a non-commercial, self-organised community event. It all started at the Galactic Hacker Party, in 1989 and regenerates itself every four years: Hacking at_the_End_of_the_Universe (1993), Hacking_in_Progress(1997), Hackers at Large (2001), Hacking at Random (2009), Observe. Hack. Make.(2013) and Still Hacking Anyway (2017) The design from the last camp

Themes for 2021 We're into technology, society and science. Escapist tinkering with technology on a campground below sea level. A solarpunk future. Confronting your fellow participants with the harsh realities of surveillance capitalism? Come aboard. Launching water rockets with the little and not-so-little ones? Sounds fantastic! Making trippy kaleidoscopes of high- and low-tech wonder, seriously reflecting upon ourselves and the world, wallowing in nostalgic retro-computing, unadulterated fun as well as catching up with each other? This event is for all ages.

While MCH2021's lineage was building up, logistics chains got longer and more fragile, civil liberties and democracies eroded further and improvements in information security got swamped by wholesale sectors of society adopting ICT in ways that ignored hard-learned lessons from the past. Neither the near-term or long-term future is looking great either. Part of our joint mission for August 2021 is figuring out how exactly we, as a community, can deal with this. How to rebound from drastic events, from the micro- to the macroscale. Because nobody expects a Black Swan and since we're also pretty good at ignoring elephants in our rooms, the question is how to be able to rebound from either creature. The future is Eventually Consistent, it is up to us what kind of consistency it'll have.




There has been 3 meetings with ginger coons Course Leader, Graphic Design & Research Fellow, Commercial Practices Willem de Kooning Academy