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Team Music Created for Hackers is currently set up
1st line contacts: Chrisha
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding:
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

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Team Members


22 August, field day. Bring instruments.


- Someone to help update this Team page.

- Stage managers for each stage - dj-spock could coordinate the stage managers

- PA technicians - dj-spock could contact the crew who did this on sha or other crews

- Booker (person who books bands) - dj-spock will book lots of artists ;)

- Align with Teams Infra, Bar and Content - dj-spock can help with that

- ... and, off course, many musicians


The plan During the event, we have three tracks:

Track 1: One, two or three major acts, popular, spectacular.

Track 2: Every day one live band, representing a subgenre, for example: gothic metal, jazz funk, electropop, chiptunes, garage punk, prog rock, Ukrainian hip hop or draaiorgel… We can do some sort of survey among the participants.

Track 3: Jam session. During the day, we have a tent with back line (drums, amplifiers, some simple instruments) where anyone can join a jam session. The best songs will go on a set list, which we will play during the every, at a set time. Visuals. The musical entertainment can be accompanied by images: VJs, video art or just an old movie.

As this may have consequences for the buildup, e.g. noise management, proximity of drinks, food and stuff, we need to align with teams: Content, Infra and Bar


Track 1: We will try to find external sponsoring for each act.

Track 2: Estimate is that bands like these will cost on average 1.000,- a gig. Proposal is to finance this off the general budget.

Track 3: Cost will be just the tent and PA. We will bring our own instruments.