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This team takes care of ordering & distribution of tables and chairs for the event.
1st line contacts: Lumi Chan
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
IRC: #mch2021-Moebelhaus
Contact at projectleiding: Netsmurf
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

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Team Members

Team Description

This team will take care of the following activities:

  1. Furniture organization
  2. Buildup
  3. Support during the event
  4. Teardown

1. Furniture Organization (preparation before the event starts):

  • Furniture planning & ordering:
    • Define furniture types that can be ordered and by whom
    • Decide on rule sets (e.g. tables & chairs only when ordering a tent)
    • Clarify price structure for participants/teams
    • Collect contact information to plan delivery (team names & contact names)
    • Teams/Assemblies: Ticket system
      • Send out request ticket to teams & collect requirements via list
      • Especially clarify workshop tents, bar delivery & lecture tent chairs
    • Participants: Pretix
      • Collect orders from Pretix system
      • Select possible chair/table types + Kartent selection
    • Define Voucher process for participant orders
    • Align finance & ordering lists
  • Supplier coordination:
    • Delivery to LOC (date clarification) & return of delivery (date & time)
    • Check, if forms exist to accept the furniture
    • Plan picture documentation of the stacks at time of delivery
    • Clarify when and how to count the deliveries
  • Planning of additional equipment:
    • Storing of charge carriers / euro palettes
    • Clarify re-use / throwing away of packaging material
    • Ordering of materials like Tape, markers, paper, tensioning belts, clipboard, signs, workdesk, foil etc.
    • Clarify how to book/request wheel loaders
    • Check, if other vehicles are available (e.g. VANs, handcarts etc.)
  • Angel coordination:
    • Create an "angel how to"
    • Define a helpdesk
    • Request for angel shifts
  • Planning how to distribute/return furniture:
    • Distribution logic & collection logic to be defined
    • Clarify possible start of furniture delivery & collection (define return date)
    • Define use of vouchers
    • Organize field plan to map required furniture to the team/assembly/participant location
    • Find out delivery/collection hours (e.g. only before sundown, before start of the event etc.)
  • Planning of Documentation:
    • Define a documentation method for the handover and re-collection of the furniture + kartents