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As for every event, we need sponsors and donations to make our event happen. However, sponsoring on the events has always been a very active discussion since our community doesn't like a heavy commercial events. On this page we're explaining what our approach is for sponsoring at MCH2021.

In general we know what kind of sponsors we would like at the event and also what kind of sponsors we would rather not have, because they don't align with the values community. All potential sponsors will be looked at on a case-by-case basis to determine this by Team:Sponsors. To get in contact with sponsors, we have made a sponsor doc that can be sent to a potential sponsor that can be downloaded here: https://cloud.ifcat.org/s/t9TNn8qHabqoB9z This document specifies the packages that are available, but the main goal is to get in contact with a potential sponsor and work out the details.

Sponsor booklet: https://cloud.ifcat.org/s/t9TNn8qHabqoB9z

MCH2021 is a non-profit event with a non-commercial identity. For a successful event, specific projects and teams, contributions in the form of sponsoring and donations are nonetheless necessary. This sponsoring policy covers the whole event, including villages. We accept sponsoring from commercial entities both in cash and 'in kind' (meaning concrete goods and services). For either of the options we are looking for organisations that have a proven track record of having a good fit with our community and its values.

We will evaluate sponsors on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they meet the aforementioned requirements. Any sponsoring agreement will include a back-out facility for the MCH2021 organising entity (IFCAT foundation) if the sponsor turns out to be detrimental to the event and/or the values it represents. Regardless of the sponsor or donor, we will not allow for any reciprocal obligations regarding either the organisation or content of the event. Branding such as logos and naming will be limited to the website, booklet and other predefined places like a team presentation or the MCH2021 badge. Commercial branding and presence on the field (like recruitment activities, banners, flyers) is generally frowned upon in the community and will therefor be very limited and only after permission from the MCH2021 organisation.

If a contributor wishes to stay anonymous (which we obviously prefer), we will respect its wishes and thank it in a general acknowledgement. In case you feel unsure on whether you are in line with this policy or would like to be able to display some branding that may or may not be reconciled with hit, please do contact ORGA (Team:Projectleiding) on this matter.

Approaching Sponsors

Since Team:Sponsors isn't a commercial sales team, we would like help from the community to get into contact with potential sponsors. If you have any contacts (perhaps an employer) that might be willing to sponsor, feel free to reach out and give them the brochure. In the end, we do need to sign a contract with the sponsor which is where the team can assist you to make this happen. It might happen that a potential sponsor will be approached multiple times, but we assume that will not result in any problems. Feel free to let us know if you're talking to a potential sponsor though!

Please leave reaching out to "cold" contacts to the sponsor team itself. We will keep a list of who we're reaching out to so that we won't spam anyone.