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This is an identity suggestion for the next dutch hacker camp. View all identity crisis entries and guidelines, here.
Author(s) raboof
New name of the event Observe, Hack, Make
What is the (deeper) message the name tries to convey Observe: as hackers we love to look at the world from unexpected angles

Hack: those observations enable our hacks and allow us to do new, unexpected, surprising, delightful things.

Make: hacking is not destructive, it is a creative force. Let's make things!

Related Keywords / synonyms
Acronym OHM
What is the (deeper) message the acronym tries to convey Some well-placed resistence can make the world more beautiful place.

OHM is the SI unit for resistence, and symbolizes our healthy resistence: against corporations gaining too much power, against governments failing to protect our (digital) civil rights, against trends in society and technology that threaten to make our world a boring place. Resistence is an essential element to make the world work: after all, no electrical circuit would function without a healthy dose of resistence.

What concepts or ideas bind these elements (name, acronym, mood board)

While I like the tradition of choosing a new name/acronym for each edition, the reality is that this is going to get more difficult each year - in other words, this tradition does not scale.

I still (reluctantly) voted for choosing a new name, because I think SHA/'Tsja' is a little 'Meh' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

OHM, however, seems like a worthy banner to organize under for many editions to come.