2020-08-13 - Team:Info IRC meeting

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Joined are:

Joining the roles Role:Press and Role:Promo into Team:Info

Boekenwuurm suggests joining the roles Role:Press, Role:Info and Role:Promo into Team:Info.

Advantages would be that it would keep the 'outreaching info roles' together, and share the load of collecting information.

Disadvantage would be reduced focus in each team.

All of Team:Info, Team:Press and Team:Promo still seem rather short-staffed (especially Team:Promo, for which GigaWalt wasn't even aware he was named contact.

On the field the roles should be separate.

The group seems mildly in favour of joining the roles into 1 team, but we decide to postpone the decision. We agree to think it over a bit more and GigaWalt would like to discuss with Quux.


Boekenwuurm shares sysadmin is working on setting up a blog, which is needed for explaining the ticket sales, and to keep people up to date when there is news that doesn't fit in 144 characters, aside from being a good promo tool. Raboof adds managing the blog to our list of responsibilities, as a vacancy.

Noor adds User:GigaWalt and decentral1se to the kanban task tracker.


For right now, most critical tasks are filled. Noor volunteers to be backup wiki manager, Sternis volunteers to coordinate setting up the physical infodesk. We add 2 'general infodesk' vacancies.

We should do outreach. Calling for Team:Info volunteers in the footer of mails we put out is a good thing to do. Raboof will also put the current Team:Info vacancies on the Vacancies page (but not those for Team:Press or Team:Promo).

Raboof reaches out to the person who mentioned on the info mailinglist that they'd like to help.


All teams get the same budget as last time +inflation. For us, that means basically unlimited drukwerkdeal credit for stickers en booklets as well as a nice office setup.

For the angels on the infodesk, we need at least 2 laptops (preferable 2 months in advance). User:Raboof adds that to the kanboard. Noor mentions there should be plenty of laptops available at RevSpace.


Boekenwuurm is working with 2 great designers (nekolett and bleeptrack) and hope to have something soon (but not within a week). Noor can help with some design things if needed. Clothing is for the sales and angel reward T-shirt teams.

Review kanboard

Lots happened! Noor adds colours to cards. Most tasks are now waiting for other teams.


We'll do a similar IRC meeting about a month from now. Let's never postpone things until a meeting, though.